23/9 at Sankt Pauli Church, Malmö/Sweden
Body of Water/Kropp av Vatten
Live Performance Concert 19.30

(Based on the live performance concert; Body of Water that we created on commission by Malmö Art Museum 2020, and our ongoing sound piece Breathing Water, which received supported by Malmö Culturesupport.  

The art film Precious Balance Walk by I Still Live in Water/Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen will be looping 18.00 - 19.15 and 20.50 - 22.00


...and some more outside the church Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th, 12-16, info coming later on. 

(We are applying together with Sankt Pauli Church to be a part of Malmö Gallery night/weekend, a yearly arrangement by Konstfrämjandet).   

22/4  Now we will start again working with a piece in our ongoing sound piece Breathing Water, named The Sound Choir, in which we ask people to send iPhone recordings with 2 phrases about the facts that the life in the Oceans give us 2 out 3 breaths of the oxygen on Earth, in different languages. In our town Malmö; around 160-180 is spoken. So this will take time. Right now we have 41 languages. Our aim is to install this piece in a sound shower outdoor, public. - But we take our time!

03/ Our sound piece has according to the statistics been played in 35 countries and had between 49-98 listeners every 2 weeks since the release; most listeners right now in the USA, Sweden, Canada, Australia, France, then following under 5 listeners in Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany, The Netherlands, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republik, Romania, Italy, Spain, Columbia, Brasil, Argentine, Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, India, Taiwan, Portugal, Angola, Chile, Polen, Ireland, Turkey, Greece. 

28/12 VERY GRATEFUL; Johanna Olofsson, choose a part of our sound piece; Breathing Water Deep by David Carlsson @davic to her Kalejdoskop, Swedish radio. www.sverigesradio.se/avsnitt/bootlegs-bonanza-och-asian-underground
She also picked our group photo by Johan Haugen, so now the soundpiece and our grop photo are public!!

(Breathing Water have project development support from @malmökulturstöd)

Friday 26/11  3 and 4 of singles release  
Breathing Water Ambient by Mats Persson and Breathing Water Deep by David Carlsson @davic,
both instant compositions with an vibrating sensuous flow. 
Breathing Water received project development support by #malmökulturstöd
Stills from film by @syrsazadig

Breathing Water Ambient: Spotify   Youtube
Breathing Water Deep: Spotify   Youtube

12/11 SINGLE RELEASE NUMBER 2 of our sound piece Breathing Water; THE SOUND, (Öresund), an instant composition playing-with-becoming-with the sounds from field recordings from the shorelines from The Sound/Öresund, Malmö.     Spotify      Youtube

The 1st out of 5 singles from our soundpiece BREATHING WATER!   Listen on Spotify Bandcamp Youtube-radioedit Youtube